Worship at Welton

Here at Welton Baptist Church we have, what we hope, is a growing understanding of what worship is and should be. It has to be something far beyond what we do corporately as a church on a Sunday morning or evening.  It's a life choice, something that makes a difference to our everyday lives, that will hopefully enhance the natural flow of our corporate worship. I stumbled across a wonderful definition of worship recently which said, 'worship is something we do that brings us closer to God' ....... so that can be reading the bible, listening to a sermon, going for walk or singing wonderful worship songs - the list is endless!!
We want to be passionate in our love for God so that our worship as a church is authentic and honoring to Him. 
On the first Sunday of the month, we have a Worship Evening at our chapel building in Welton, these times give us an opportunity to 'dig' a little bit deeper with God and we often see the Holy Spirit ministering to those present. We love to see new faces come along so please look out for our next service.
We are blessed to have many gifted musicians in the church and strive to encourage them to practice their skills and use them for Kingdom purposes whether young people or those of us who are a little bit older. We acknowledge that there are so many fantastic worship songs out there and so once a quarter we try and introduce 2 or 3 new songs to keep things fresh and up to date. Below you will see the songs, along with lyrics, we are currently introducing so click on the links, have a listen and sing along. 

Sally Petit