Holcombe Ladies Housegroup

  • Who are the leaders/helpers?

Kathleen Cooper
  • Where and when do you meet?

Wednesdays 10.30-12.30 in Holcombe
  • Who is the group for?

Any lady wishing to be part of a day time housegroup.
  • What are the main aims of your group?

To study the bible, learn more of Jesus and the will of God in our lives.
  • What things have you recently done as a group?

We have just completed a study by Beth Moore called ‘Stepping Up’ which involved watching a DVD each week and completing a daily bible study at home.
  •  What things are you planning to do in the near future?

To take part in the study being rolled out across all the Housegroups at Welton.
  • What one word could describe your group?

  • Describe what usually happens during a normal session/meeting?

We get together and have coffee and cake and then have watched the DVD or will now be going through a bible study and then usually finish with a sharing and prayer time.