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The Voltage group have a fantastic programme on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for young people in School Year 7 to 14 years olds. We're a very welcoming group and it's fine to come along on either or both days.

We meet in the upstairs “Assembly Room” at Midsomer Norton Town Hall from 7pm to 8:30pm. It's a social, weekly meeting where the relationships of the young people can grow in relaxed and fun environment.  
Our recent activities have included "Trash into Flash" - turning old materials into catwalk costumes, "Stargazing Stomp" a nightwalk on Cley Hill near Frome and Craft evening when we made gifts for some of our more elderly friends from church. Through creating a fun, lively and informal setting we aim to Provide a time to share and pray for each other. An opportunity for the young people to invite their friends. Have authentic relationships with one another and God. Demonstrate God’s love to each other, and beyond.    

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We join in with the whole church at 10:30a.m. at Somervale School for the start of the morning service. The first Sunday of the month is always “All In” where a team leads a service planned for all ages and stages. On the other weeks we leave part way through the service and have our own group (we also combine once a month with the older group “Ignite”).

Our Sunday meetings focus more on teaching and learning to apply the Bible to our everyday lives. We aim to help our young people develop an independent and real faith in Jesus and they are given the opportunity to…

Pray for one another
Express what they feel God is saying
Study the bible
Personal prayer
Question what they are taught
Share their faith
Think through various life choices  

Newcomers are very welcome. If you would like any more details please contact the church office t: 01761 410274