Norton North House group
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Jan and Andy Ladhams
Paul Mitchell



Thursdays at 7:45pm ending at 9.15pm.


We meet at Malcolm & Hazel Bennett's house. (2 Somer Ridge, Midsomer Norton, BA3 2FB)

What do we do?

‘Norton Northers’ are open, diverse, inclusive, accepting, welcoming, friendly, honest…….well that’s what we’d like to be but we accept that we don’t always get it right….so we try and try again!
We are a very mixed bunch ranging from the liberal to the conservative but we get on well, having learned to disagree agreeably and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. We know only too well that none of us have all the answers and none of us have got it all sorted when it comes to faith. But together we ask the questions and seek to find out what God is saying.
When we meet, sometimes there will be a bible study; at other times just a chat or discussion. Every member of the group is welcome to lead a session. We always tend to pray so that we can help build each other up and share one another’s burdens as well as focussing on the wider world which keeps us grounded. We’re trying to do more social things together. There is always laughter and, of course, cake! (Some would consider this to be the best bit of Housegroup!).
If you want to give us a try, you really would be most welcome.


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