Audio Recordings and Podcasting

Each week we record the talks at our morning and evening services.  These can either be listened to directly from the site or via listening to our Podcast.  
The talks shown below are the most recent ones but to see the full list go to our Media Page 

14th April 2019 - The Beautiful Disruption (download)
On the occasion of Palm Sunday Matt looks at how Jesus disrupted things by bringing something new and unexpected. In the same way today Jesus disrupts the lives of those he deals with but to bring a new and better order.
Matt Coomes, 14/04/2019
31st March 2019: Bible Storying (download)
Matt brings new insight into reading the Bible through individuals giving their verbal interpretation of a Bible Story just heard.
Matt Hebditch, 31/03/2019
31st March 2019: Time out with God, Week 3 (download)
Jeremy Bedrock introduces the final talk in the series on The Sabbath. Linda shares her thoughts on enjoying the world around us and having time out and focus on what God has given us.
Linda Munro, 31/03/2019
24th March 2019 - Truth & Freedom (download)
Paul is first interviewed by Matt, then he speaks on the Biblical truth of God's love that sets you free from the slavery to sin bringing freedom to our lives.
Paul Williams, 24/03/2019
24th March 2019 - Smashing The Success Syndrome - Week 2 (download)
Jonathan brings insight to God's blessings when we stop and rest
Jonathan Cooper, 24/03/2019