Membership  Course

At Welton you are able to become a member of the church.

The Bible teaches us that when we become a Christian, we also become members of "The Body of Christ", which is another way of saying "His Church".  We believe that throughout the New Testament there is also an implcit encouragement for Christians to make a commitment to a local church.

Becoming a member of a church is a commitment to worship and serve with other members and to carry out God's will and vision in that place. it also enables us to develop and exercise gifts and ministries with the mutual support and counsel of other Christians.

This is a two-way commitment between the Church here at WBC and the individual members who make up its number.  So if you are not already a member here we encourage you to prayerfully consider joining.  You can also read our Guide to Becoming a Member of this church.
Just Looking at Membership
is a short session which we run from time to time to give regular attenders a flavour of Church Membership so that they can consider whether they wish to become a member or not.

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