Verona House Group

This last year has seen some changes for our group, firstly in a change of location following a house move from Paulton to Midsomer Norton and secondly in a change of name from Victoria Terrace to Verona House Group (if only the move was to Verona!!)
We have continued to have around 6 to 10 each week but recently have seen an increase in numbers due to the arrival of Barbara Powney and Michael and Karen Blowers who have been a lovely addition to our group and have settled in well and have quickly become valuable contributors.
We seek to support one another through prayer and sharing times as well as encourage personal bible study for growth in our walk with God.
During the last year we have looked at David as part of the whole church study as well as delving into the commandments (but with a twist) and we had some testimony and worship evenings too. 
We had some good social times together also and hopefully these times help us to get to know each other on a different level and help us to become inceasingly more comfortable together. We had a lovely time away again with the Dawson housegroup during May last year in Gloucester and enjoyed a balmy Summer evening social at Neil and Jose's house where our (slightly bonkers) kids had great fun jumping in and out of a paddling pool until 10pm at night!
We look forward to this coming year together and trust that we will continue to grow in our amazing, faithful God.

Phi and Sally Petit
Sally Petit, 21/04/2015