North Road Year Book Report 

We continue to have a regular attendance of around 12-14 each week which is just right to enable everyone to take part and get involved in the activities of our group which include Bible study, prayer, occasional worship, sharing, testimony and having fun social times as well.

We are very pleased that during the year Paul Mitchell has joined the group and his influence has added to the heady mix of different personalities, humour and quirky behaviour already present in the group!
We enjoyed doing a Max Lucado video study series “You’ll get through this” … a bit cheesy at times but we’ll never forget the mantra taught each week!  We’ve also studied “Seeing Christ in Others” and “Knowing our Calling” and Mike came and led a Christmas study on Anna and Simeon which was just great!
During the year we have also eaten quite a lot of cake!   Thank you Sally and especially Alison Blackmon for providing this each week!   We have had a number of socials including “The Great North Road Fake Off” (won by Scott Williamson) and a night walk in Midsomer Norton following to trace the route taken by the Street Pastors (afterwards we enjoyed Soup and Spuds!) ….. we also did something rather risqué this year…. We changed the night of our meeting (to Shrove Tuesday) to enable us to eat our own bodyweight in pancakes before Lent!
We feel privileged to share each week with such a lovely group of genuine and committed friends and there is real warmth between us, even when we don’t agree on everything.  The fruit of patience is well exercised (Terry and I are sorry for the inappropriate comments!) and, despite the print seemingly getting smaller, it is a wonderful thing to be able to read The Bible together each week, to learn from God’s word and one another and to pray into situations for God’s hand to move (or not!).     
Thanks to the group for making this 25th year of leading Housegroup a special one!
Philippians 3:12-14            Living Bible (TLB)
Sally Petit, 21/04/2015