Ignite Year Book Report 

Ignite is the oldest group in the NRG ministry and meets each Sunday Evening during term time at Tim & Jo’s house which in spite of all the renovation work they are doing is always very welcoming and cosy, and far better than meeting in the chapel!
This year at Ignite we have been looking at “The Story” which is a course that looks at the key events throughout the whole Bible in 31 weeks. The course material for our age group has been a bit lacking and so the leaders have worked really hard to make each particular topic fun, interesting and life applicable.  We have also been spending 10 minutes towards the end of each session looking at “Hot Potato Topics” and how as Christians we should not be afraid to discuss and explore what the Bible has to say about these sometimes controversial issues. Topics have ranged from “Women in the church” to “Same sex marriage” to “Terrorism attacks” to “Abortion”. We also make sure we spend time at each session praying for one another and the things that God has put on our hearts or the challenges that we are currently facing.
Throughout the year we always make time to have socials - where we can chat, play games, and get to know one another better – and we particularly enjoy our annual trips to Chepstow and Soul Survivor, where we get more time to grow in our relationships with each other and with God.
It’s been a great encouragement to see everyone at Ignite continuing on their journey with God and a particular encouragement to see two of our young people being baptised at the recent open air service on Easter Sunday.
From, the Igniters

Scott Williamson, 05/05/2015