Paulton Road Year Book Report 

House group this year has been both exciting and at times challenging for all but God has continued to see us through with many blessings. The group has continued to grow with the addition of a mature Christian couple and a lady who is keen to rekindle her relationship with God. The evenings consist of Worship, Bible Study Prayer and on occasions Socials where we all get the chance to taste one another's culinary skills, can’t wait for the summer when
we can get the bbq out!
Over the last month we have been studying the Discipleship book written by Dave and Anona Banks which has been thought provoking, leading to great group discussion and a great way to check up on what we should be doing as Christians.The added bonus is that we have both of them to lead the evenings as they are members of our group, isn’t God Good.
It’s been encouraging to see the group bond with a deeper trust in one another, to the point that personal issues and confidential matters are being disclosed, so that we can all pray into the situations rather than struggling with them ourselves.  
Looking forward to what God has got stored up for us this year!
God Bless
Ross and Max Oakey.

Ross and Maxine Oakey, 28/04/2015